2009 All State


103 - Shaidai Lariviere, Cumberland

112 - Shoneil Lariviere, Cumberland

119 - Jaron Parent, Cumberland

125 - Mike Myers, Warwick Vets

130 - Nick O'Connell, Cranston West

135 - Shawn Giblin, Cranston West

140 - Justin Switzer, Woonsocket

145 - Ethan Farrell, Narragansett

152 - George Katsaras, North Providence

160 - Kyle Morgan, Exeter/WG

171 - Mike Saul, La Salle

189 - Steve Saul, La Salle

215 - Doug Johnson, Toll Gate

285 - John Coleman, Cranston West


103 - Devin Hurst, Warwick Vets

112 - Pat Malaghan, Westerly

119 - Everett Desiletes, Cranston West

125 - Steve Hunt, Coventry

130 - Alexander Hayek, East Greenwich

135 - Jordan Leveille, North Kingstown

140 - Colin Feeley, Hendricken

145 - Jackson Maroni, Cranston East

152 - Taylor Dougan, Cumberland

160 - Dan Abram, Barrington

171 - Connor Nelson, South Kingstown

189-  Josh Manu, North Providence

215 - Brandon Regnault, La Salle

285 - Shane Smith, Narragansett

Shaidai Lariviere, Cumberland, 103 pounds
He won the state championship with a pin in the last minute and won the New England championship, too. "He has . . . great mat sense. He's tough as nails," says coach Steve Gordon.

Shoneil Lariviere, Cumberland, 112 pounds
Shaidai's twin "worked real hard in the off season. He has incredible balance. He and his brother are very skilled and athletic. They have the whole package," coach Steve Gordon says.


Jaron Parent, Cumberland, 119 pounds
He started wrestling as a 9th grader and has come on strong. Coach Steve Gordon says, "He's really dedicated, extremely strong . . . There's nothing he won't try. He loves to wrestle."

Mike Meyers, Warwick, 125 pounds
The 112-pound champ in 2008 moved up and won the state and New England titles. A rival coach said Meyers was a big reason Rhode Island did so well in the New Englands.

Nick O’Connell, Cranston West, 130 pounds
Fourth in 2008, O'Connell finished first this year. "He works extremely hard," says coach Matt Claeson. ". . . He doesn't stop training. He's a great kid."

Shawn Giblin, Cranston West, 135 pounds
Giblin joins Danny Smith of Coventry as the only Rhode Island wrestlers to win four individual state titles. This season he was undefeated and led the Falcons to their fourth consecutive team championship. He was the outstanding wrestler of the New England meet. "It's great . . . to work with an athlete who has such a commitment to his sport," coach Matt Claeson says.

Justin Switzer, Woonsocket, 140 pounds
"Easily the hardest-working kid on the team," says coach Glenn Castiglia of his state champ. "He has great natural balance and great control of his hips, which is critical in this sport, and he has incredible flexibility. He didn't give up a single point because a kid had him bent. Even in the finals, the kid had him bent, and he got out of it."

Ethan Farrell, Narragansett, 145 pounds
The defending champion at 145, Farrell dominated this season, winning every tournament he entered. So he was stunned when Jackson Maroni of Cranston East put him on his back early in the final match. "That never happened in two years. It was kind of shocking," says coach Anthony Colombo. But Farrell pinned Maroni in overtime.

George Katsaras, North Providence, 152 pounds
After showing potential for three years, Katsaras finally put it all together as a senior. "He always had all the tools and great endurance," says coach Richard Torti, "but he didn't have the wrestling smarts. . . This year, he wrestled well all season and was really good on his feet. He listened to me. In the state final he said, 'Coach, tell me what to do.'"

Kyle Morgan, Exeter/West Greenwich, 160 pounds
Morgan reached his goal of winning the Rhode Island title at 160 and doing well at the New Englands, where he finished seventh. "We had a small team, only eight wrestlers, so he wrestled the same kid every day," said coach Tim Daft. "He always practiced as hard as he could against the one kid. It takes a lot of mental focus to do that."

Mike Saul, La Salle, 171 pounds
Coach Tim Clouse says Mike "could have chosen almost any sport and done well. . . He and [his brother] Steve train year-round. He's very fast. He looks like he's lulling you to sleep, and then he hits you with a move you didn't know was coming. "

Steve Saul, La Salle, 189 pounds
The 2008 champ at 171 pounds is different from his brother. "The kids call him Godzilla," coach Tim Clouse says of Steve. "He's fast and strong. He pushed through a lot of things that wouldn't work for a normal wrestler. He's a power person."

Doug Johnston, Toll Gate, 215 pounds
After winning at 189 pounds last year, this football All-Stater moved up a class and won again. A rival coach describes him as "an insane athlete . . . one of the most talented kids in Rhode Island."

John Coleman, Cranston West, Heavyweight
Hampered by shoulder injuries from football and unable to wrestle most of his junior and senior years, Coleman's triple-overtime victory enabled the Falcons to win their fourth consecutive team championship. Before the final, coach Matt Claeson told his heavyweight that it had been a great ride, winning three straight team titles. "Coach, the ride is not over. I'm the perfect guy to get this job done," Coleman said. After his victory, he left his shoes on the mat, meaning that his career was over. Says Claeson: "His father told me later that he predicted the whole thing."